Hamble Airfield Planning Application: Important Update (Cemex Application)

We have been informed that Cemex intends to respond to Hampshire County Council’s (HCC) request for more information over the coming days. A consultation period will then begin on Friday 2 December 2022.

While this is linked to tonight’s HCC Exhibition in that it is HCC’s Minerals and Waste Plan which has allocated Hamble Airfield as an appropriate site for gravel extraction, the Cemex application is a separate process.

What does this mean?

Cemex applied for the right to extract gravel and aggregate from the Hamble Airfield site at the end of last year. In response to this, Hamble Parish Council – along with many others – raised robust and significant objections, based on issues which we believe could lead to the application being refused by HCC.  Having considered these objections, HCC asked Cemex to provide more information on transport, air pollution, flooding risk, and environmental concerns. Cemex will have submitted this information by the end of the week.

What happens next?

First, we need to review the new information provided by Cemex.  The Parish Council is working with consultants to do this effectively and expertly. We are expecting Cemex’s response to be extremely detailed and technical, so this process may take some time.

We are organising a Public Meeting early in the New Year to share our response and to ensure we have given residents an opportunity to raise any last issues with us.

What can you do?

As soon as we have Cemex’s response, we’ll post it to our website, social media, noticeboards and will update all residents via a special issue of our newsletter. We’d encourage you to take a look through these documents, particularly in relation to those areas which are of most concern to you. We will then provide full guidance to help you respond to the consultation early in the New Year.

And finally

We appreciate that this is a very concerning time for all residents and will be doing our very best to keep you all informed. Initially, we will need a little time to consider the Cemex response properly – please bear with us while we do this. This is the next step in a process which is likely to last several months, and we’ll need residents’ help to do the things which a Parish Council cannot a little later down the line. We are working closely with the Hamble Peninsula Against Development residents’ group to co-ordinate activities so please do make sure you are following local pages and groups on Facebook and Instagram as well as the Hamble Parish Council pages.