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2019/20 Parish Budget, Precept & Plan
The Council has completed its end of year accounts and signed off its annual governance statement ahead of the Exercise of public rights commencing on the 2nd July 2020.
Copies of section 1 and 2 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019/20 can be found below along with a summary of your rights and a statement of variance.

Financial Risk Assessment (2018)
Financial Regulations (2018)

The rules set by Government are designed to ensure that the council takes no unacceptable risks with public money.

The council must operate a system of internal controls and as part of that system an independent and competent person must be appointed to carry out checks on it. After reporting to the council the auditor signs a report on the annual return (required by law) to confirm that the control system is in place and working. This return together with other relevant documents is reviewed by an external auditor, appointed by the Audit Commission, who reports to the council and its electors.

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