Planning Committee

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Hamble Parish Council's Planning Committee considers the Council's response to certain planning applications which are in, or which may affect, the village of Hamble.

Read the Planning Committee Terms of Reference
Membership: Councillors Underdown (Chair), Cohen, Dann, Nicholson, Rolfe and Thompson

Generally the Committee will comment on applications that are:

  1. Conservation Area and Listed Buildings
  2. Commercial /business use
  3. Demolition
  4. Properties that are proposing substantially change
  5. Where the street scene maybe fundamentally altered
  6. Those which impinge on rights of way
  7. Works to trees
  8. Those related to the River Hamble and Southampton Water
  9. Applications likely to generate pollutants – air, noise or smell

The Planning Committee also considers matters relating to:

  • highways & infrastructure
  • designations
  • design / local policies
  • enforcement cases

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