Help and Advice on Responding to the Cemex Planning Application

Deadline for Objections:  4 March 2022

If you’re thinking of sending in an objection to the Cemex application, we’d suggest that you follow these simple principles to make it as effective as possible:

  1. The principle of gravel and sand being extracted from the Airfield was decided back in 2013 by a Planning Inspection at a Public Examination. Although you might disagree with the decision it is counterproductive to raise this issue now or to suggest alternative sites. We need to focus on what is unacceptable to us as a community in the current proposals.

  2. Base your objection on something that you personally experience – for instance, traffic delays or using the site for recreation. Don’t generalise; stick to what you know and use examples from your own experience to illustrate your point.

  3. Highlight specific concerns about how the application will affect the way you enjoy your property or go about your daily life. You don’t need to exaggerate – just be clear about what worries you. So, for example if you have respiratory illness and are worried about the impact of the dust, explain the potential impact on your daily activities when your breathing is bad.

  4. If you know about specific events or incidents which you think might be relevant, give the details of these – for example, local flooding or a problem on the road you use. If there are data sources that support what you know, refer to them.

  5. Only certain things can be considered when the planning decision is made. This will include issues such as traffic, controlling dust and noise, flood risk, loss of habitat and how the land will be restored and used in the future. Try to keep your points focused on the impact of the application on the site and on Hamble rather than giving your views on wider concerns.

  6. Don’t go over the top. Your objection won’t get more attention and it may obscure a good local point.

  7. Remember that you’ll be part of a cumulative effort to bring relevant issues to the attention of the County Council so don’t feel the need to comment on every aspect of the application – only those aspects which you believe will impact you.  

  8. Write your own objection. It’s much better to give your own reasons than to sign a standard letter or petition.

  9. There’s no need to rush. You should submit your objection to the County Council by March 4 2022 but there’s no need to send it in earlier if you’re not clear about what you want to say.  Keep an eye on our website where we’ll post regular information updates which might help. Taking a little time before you write might mean you can make your points more effectively.

  10. You might also want to look at what other people have said in their responses to the application. You can do this by looking at the application online at (Planning Application Reference:  HCC/2021/0787).

  11. When it’s time to make your comments, you can either submit them online at Hampshire County Council ( and use the “comment on the application” tab or write to:

Strategic Planning, Economy, Transport & Environment Department

Elizabeth II Court West

The Castle


SO23 8UD

All comments must be received by 4 March 2022.

Representations must include a name and address. Anonymous or confidential representations will not be accepted.