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28 February 2022

This microsite is provided as an information resource for Hamble residents in relation to the mineral extraction proposals for the Hamble Airfield site.

In 2013, Hampshire County Council included the former airfield in their Waste and Minerals Plan for sand and gravel extractions across the county, and if the proposals succeed, 1.7 million tonnes could be extracted over a period of 6 - 7 years.

Cemex has now registered an application with Hampshire County Council (HCC) for Gravel and Sand Quarrying at the Hamble Airfield site.

The Public Notice, Application Form, and all accompanying documents and plans can be found on Hampshire County Council’s planning website.  While this Cemex microsite includes all pertinent planning application information and documents, it is important that you also check the HCC planning portal as this is where public and statutory consultees’ comments will be found, a number of which will be crucial to the application’s success or failure.

We urge you to participate and make your views and concerns known at each stage of this process to ensure that any potential extraction and restoration outcome is in Hamble's best interests.


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Cemex Documents

Pre 2013 Evidence, Studies & Plan

National Planning Policy Framework

Mineral & Waste Authority (Hants CC)

Infrastructure Working Group

Operational Impacts Working Group

Fact Finding Working Group

Restoration Working Group

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