Important Update Regarding Cemex Public Consultation

We know that many residents have questions and concerns about the current Cemex public consultation for the former airfield.

Hamble Parish Council has a regular Planning Committee meeting scheduled this coming Monday 22 November. We have moved the Planning Committee to a slightly larger venue in anticipation that a number of Hamble residents might want to attend the public session.

However, please note that Cemex will not be attending this Planning Committee meeting and we have a 30-minute window allocated for the public session.

At the moment, Hamble Parish Council is talking to our neighbouring parish councils and to Cllr Keith House, our County Council representative about the current consultation, and on how to challenge the planning application. We also have a meeting with Eastleigh Borough Council planned for early December.

We plan to hold a full public engagement meeting at the appropriate time. This will give more residents the chance to raise concerns, discuss the issues, and help us shape our strategy for the way forward.

We plan to work with Hampshire County Council (HCC) to understand the next stages and how they intend to consider the planning application when it comes in. Once we know this, we will be able to set a date for a public meeting. We have also asked for Cemex to be involved in that meeting. Cemex’s involvement will enable you to ask more detailed questions that the current consultation does not address. It will also enable us to decide how best to respond to the formal planning application.

In the meantime, what can you do?
We would urge residents to respond to the current consultation and copy your responses to Hampshire County Council:

As the decision makers, it is really important that Hampshire County Council fully understands how the community feels about the consultation process, the application, and the issues it will create in Hamble.

We are concerned that the consultation isn’t appropriate for the needs of our community and lacks the detail to make an informed response. We will be pressing for more detail and more time to submit an appropriate response.

We will be posting the outcome of Monday’s Planning Committee meeting on social media, the website and forthcoming newsletters. As we have more information we will make it available to you.