Proposals for Mineral Extraction – Public Consultation

Cemex at very short notice is holding a virtual public consultation on its proposals to extract sand and gravel from the former Hamble Airfield. The consultation period is due to end on 25 November, although the Parish Council has asked for an extension. This is disappointing considering Cemex had previously said they would meet with the Parish Council prior to undertaking its consultation and people have expressed their concerns about the form of the consultation that makes it difficult for some residents to respond.

The former airfield has been allocated in the Hampshire County Council Waste and Minerals Plan, so the principle of development has been agreed. Cemex will have to submit a planning application, and at that stage, the Parish Council will be looking to secure the best outcome for the parish, such as a sufficiently big enough buffer zone so there is the minimum disturbance for neighbouring properties while the works are undertaken.

The Parish Council will be looking at issues such as noise, dust, road movements, hydrology and phasing. We urge you to participate and make your views and concerns known at each stage of this process, but particularly when the planning application is made so as the extraction process and restoration outcome is the best possible for Hamble.

Ian Underdown, Chair of HPC Planning Committee