Latest Information – Cemex Gravel Extraction Consultation for Hamble Airfield

Hamble Parish Council’s full council meeting took place on Monday, 13 December 2021. Cemex’s consultation to extract gravel from the former Hamble Airfield site was one of the main agenda items, and the discussion focused on our initial strategy to navigate the upcoming planning application.  We anticipate that Cemex will submit their planning application to Hampshire County Council (HCC) imminently – although at the time of writing, Cemex’s agent has not confirmed specific timings.

Once Cemex has submitted the application to HCC, there will be a consultation period for the community and members of the public to respond to the plans and evidence.

How long will we have to review the application or submit representations to challenge the planning application?

We will be able to make representations right up until the decision date.

The public consultation will help all parties (including residents, Hamble Parish Council, and Hampshire County Council) make a thorough assessment of the application, review potential weaknesses, and request additional relevant technical studies. It will also be an opportunity to request changes to the proposed extraction process and set out our expectations on the restoration and future use of the Hamble Airfield site. 

Who is involved to date?

The Parish Council has taken the decisive step to appoint an experienced planning consultant with local knowledge to help us develop our strategy. We’ve also reached out to colleagues at Eastleigh Borough Council and in our neighbouring parishes – Hound & Netley and Bursledon. We’re in active discussions with Keith House, Eastleigh Borough Council Leader and Hamble’s representative with Hampshire County Council; and with Paul Holmes, our MP for Eastleigh.   

A meeting has been set for 31 January 2022 to discuss next steps. However, this could take place sooner if Cemex’s planning application ‘goes live’ in January.

What action is Hamble Parish Council taking at present?

To assess the impact of the potential excavation on our local community, we are setting up four working groups. Parish Councillors will be taking an active role and we’ll confirm who will be assigned to each group in New Year.

  • The Infrastructure Working Group will examine the impact of the mineral extraction process in relation to highways, rail, water quality, biodiversity, and climate change.
  • The Operational Impacts Working Group will examine the impact of the mineral extraction process on neighbouring properties and residents and will encompass areas including noise, dust, flood assessment, and localised water issues.
  • The Fact Finding Working Group will examine the impact of the mineral extraction process on other quarry sites, and particularly those run by Cemex UK. Members will also identify the relevant decision makers and decision making process to facilitate effective lobbying, should it be required.
  • The Restoration Working Group will investigate the proposals relating to the site upon completion of the gravel excavation, and will include subjects such as public access, ownership, and carbon neutralising measures.

The goal for each group is to explore different angles relating to the proposed excavation, including:

  • Identifying potential weaknesses in Cemex’s application
  • Safeguarding the interests of those living nearest to the Hamble Airfield site and identifying areas of particular concern
  • If the planning application is granted to Cemex, to negotiate the best possible restoration outcome for the community

How we will keep you informed and answer ongoing questions

We will keep the community informed as and when we have updates to share via: Hamble Parish Council’s Facebook page, noticeboards throughout the village, and a Cemex microsite which can be found here:

We will publish a set of responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) early in the New Year, which we’ll update regularly with questions we receive from members of the community.  Being open with you: we may not always be able to answer all questions – either because we don’t yet have the information, or because it would not be in the community’s interest to share confidential elements of the strategy.  However, we will strive to keep you as fully updated as possible wherever we can.

Thank you for your support as we work together to achieve the best outcome for Hamble.